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Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer

A dream delayed is not a dream denied.
Follow the vision God has placed in your heart.

For booking details and Chris' home page, go to www.chrismercer.net.

Born in Wallasey, by the City of Liverpool, married to Garry with 4 children, Chris has been in ministry as a Contemporary Christian artist since 1982. She became a Christian at the age of 21 and since then has toured the UK and overseas, giving concerts and talks, sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Her desire to serve stemming from the grace and love of God she found in her relationship with a loving Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Since the 80's Chris has ministered in all types of situations desiring to go wherever God calls. She is known, along with husband Garry, for their pioneering work in contemporary Christian music in the 80's and 90's with the Gospel duo /band CHRIS & GARRY, from which the much acclaimed album ICE BREAKING arose which is still appreciated today. She's worked along side many well known preachers such as Steve Chalk, Tony Campolo, and with organisations like YWAM, SPRING HARVEST, BYFC, MAF, given concerts and appeared on BBC TV and radio, worked on the projects of others and written worship, contemporary, and children's songs and also worked with many creative musicians. and in the late 90's with Mission Aviation fellowship, gave her voice as a love offering to their work. She then became worship pastor over a church, along with husband Garry, an experienced music director and musician, and worked with two other churches developing their music for 2 years but still maintaining her concerts schedule and worship concerts with her husband and children, who are gifted musicians. She also has hosted her own radio show, for contemporary Christian music on Flame FM for several years. Just recently she has also begun a degree in Theology with the desire to grow as an expository speaker.

Now sees the release of Chris's newest recording 'Whispers of His Grace', destined for the needy and hurting world. She is managed from the USA, www.tameyourtongue and deals personally in the UK/Europe…She is patron to 3 charities for the homeless/needy. One in the UK, The Charles Thompson Mission, part of the Liverpool City Mission, one in USA, Helping Hands, Pennsylvania, and one in Romania, Pater Noster, these will all receive support from album sales/concerts. She also has created a charity... The Whispers Foundation..... so that persons may serve abroad within the charities she supports, when she does concerts/visits in those countries.

Her voice has been described as 'outstanding' (Paul Davis, NCM) and 'a voice that inspires angels' (Ken Eaves, Road Pastor, UK Team) but her consuming heart mission is to spread the Gospel and reach a needy world with the love of God and compassion of Christ.

CD Review by Paul Davis...


Good news, Chris Mercer's heart-warming, contemporary balladeering is crisp and fresh! 'Adult-Contemporary' is at the genre-core and the combination of Chris with producer, Sammy Horner is powerful. If you like to be stunned by modern, self-penned songs and performances that edify, Chris will oblige! Moving and motivating stuff, her voice is outstanding and this album shows what she can do. Masterfully produced in Scotland for UK, Europe and USA release, 'Whispers of His Grace' is full of song-thoughts and declarations covering all manner of subjects. Most are instantly challenging, cutting and catchy. Sammy also is Chris's duettist on a great modern country ditty entitled 'Jesus & You'. 'Distant Time' features impressive pedal steel guitar played by Phil Madeira of Nashville fame.

Paul Davis www.pauldavisauthor.com

News update August 2005

Watch out for great interviews with Chris Mercer

The God Channel. The dream youth Programme

* Elim's national UK Magazine - Direction
* Germany Magazine - Country Home
* Country Round Up Magazine
* Crossrhythms Magazine - Edition 85
* Interviews on UCB Europe (July)
* Interviews on Megastar radio Germany
* Interviews on flame FM Eng UK
* Country Connection USA mag(Oct/Nov)

October 2005 update

Chris Mercer and her PA, Jane, from The Whispers Foundation fly out to Romania for a 5 day Romanian Tour. Within this Chris is booked as the main speaker and artist at the Ladies Conference held on the 29th and is also scheduled to sing at a gypsy service in Romania as well as scheduled concerts.

The Album Whispers of His Grace has also this month been released worldwide on ITUNES as Chris signs with a Uk mainstream record company for this purpose.

Gig guide & blogs and can be also be found www.myspace.com/chrismercer

OCT/November gigs

27th -2nd Nov ..Romanian Tour

friday 11th november 7.30pm Lugershall....

Saturday 12th Amesbury Baptist....7.30pm

Sunday 13th Amesbury Baptist morning service

further info contact:- chris@chrismercer.net

Chris Mercer is featured in Octobers Elim magazine Direction... She was also front cover and international indie artist for October in the USA magazine Indie Island magzine

Romanian Concert Tour begins 27th October...Chris & Jane (Her PA) fly out to Romania for a series of concerts and to see how The Whispers Foundation can help in that country... http://chrismercer.net website http://www.myspace.com/chrismercer for gigs , blog , news

* UK tour October 2005 - Feb 2006
UK Distribution STL
Promoted and managed from the USA

Uganda has invited Chris to sing at a huge event where 140000 are expected to atttend. This event takes place on December 31st 2005

* Spring Harvest Festival 2006 (to be confirmed)

* France (to be confirmed)

* Holland (to be confirmed)

Other significant events:

* MMG records Alabama use a track from Whispers of His Grace on the Benefit CD for the Orphans in the Philippians
* USA single to be released 31st August/September 2005
* Chris has been invited to duet on 2 different artists CDs(in USA and Scotland)
* Malaysia and Cambodia open to the ministry and music
* Chris’s Whispers Foundation ties Uganda Project and largest primary sch in euro to Uganda Project * "Jesus and You" in top 10 for 12 weeks on NCM charts.
* "Distant Time" straight into Top 10

Contact Chris by email to be added to the Uk tour:

PRS, TLC Radio, March 2005
Updated 16 August 2005 (PRS)

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