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Where Country and Traditional Irish music become almost one...

Bernadette's story began back In beautiful Ireland ..where she was born and raised. Born Into a large Irish family ..ten in all ..Bernadette always showed an interest in music. At age twelve Bernadette saved up enough money to buy her own guitar. Bernadette musical tastes were derived from her Mother ..as she was an avid listener to Country music ..and Traditional Irish music. As a teenager In Ireland ..Bernadette fought the usual forces of trying to better herself ..and she decided she would move to England to pursue her music. Bernadette started her own band,and performed around London / Berkshire for five years. She then moved to USA to pursue her music more seriously ..residing in CA for three years. Then it was time to make the real move .. to Nashville Tennessee.

Bernadette has lived and worked In Nashville now for eight years ..She works as a Nurse during the day..to help fund her music career. Bernadette recorded her American Debut CD a few years ago ..titled Bernadette ..You Go Girl! and has now started her own independent Record Label "Rachael Records". Bernadette's CD ..You Go Girl! has had a very good response from DJs and Fans from all over the World ..and especially in Europe. Through endless hours of self promotion ..Bernadette has been voted "Most" played Indie Artist in the World numerous times. Bernadette's song "The Green Fields Of France " on her new Record Label reached number 13 in just a few weeks. Bernadette's first Christmas recording also reached number 18 on the HOT COUNTRY Single chart In Dec 2002. She has also has been featured on some major compilation discs ..with Vince Gill ..the Dixie Chicks ..Allison Krauss ..John Berry ..Faith Hill .. plus many more major recording artists in Nashville.

Bernadette is a regular guest on Nashville's 650 WSM a.m. .. the World's longest running Country Radio station ..with DJ "Johnny K".

Our Artist has Proudly shared many great stages over the World ..with many major Recording Artists ..Bernadette has sang with Ricky Scaggs at The World Famous Ryman Auditorium. She has also been a guest of Mr Jim Ed Brown at the Ernest Tubb Theatre ..during the "LIVE" broadcast of The Midnight Jamboree on 650 WSM.
She did her first American showcase at The "Famous" Bluebird Cafe,and makes regular appearances there.
She has opened shows for major Irish stars at the World famous ..Tootsies.
Bernadette was also a featured performer at Nashville's Seanachie Pub/Restaurant until its closure in 2002.
Bernadette has performed on stage with world renowned Irish Vocalist ..Maura O Connell .. where they both got to raise funds for the Homeless situated in Nashville.
Bernadette has performed with Major recording Artist ..Suzy Boggus ..and the wonderful group Riders In Sky, to name a few.
Bernadette also took part in Country Feeding Country this year ..with Jim Ed Brown ..Chalee Tennison ..Jan Howard ..and members of the wonderful Jordaires.
This event was brought together by Mike Cashman at Nashville Country Connection ..where the homeless got to be served hot food for Thanksgiving.

Bernadette arranged her first ever European tour In 2002 ..bringing her unique Country/Celtic sounds to Paris ,France ..to Scotland and England ..and of course home to Ireland.

Bernadette also started her own International Fan-Club ..4 years ago ..and it is growing steadily. She gets to greet these Fans every year from her own Booth at The Greatest Fan-Fair In the World which Is held In Nashville every year.

Bernadette also owns one of the best Artist Websites around . This site gives all Bernadette's shows/Events,so Bernadette's fans can keep up with her..no matter what part of the World she Is visiting.

Bernadette was a special guest this year at The Country Music Hall Of Fame ..by friend Mr Jim Murphy. She was present to witness ..the handing over of some thirty years of special Interviews and stories from Mr Murphy .. pertaining to the late/great Mr Hank Williams..from friends and musicians who worked alongside this Country great.

Chick Singer Night is the Hottest new show in Nashville folks ..and Bernadette has had the honor of been asked to perform there this year. She will now go on to perform In Los Angeles ..Chicago ..and New York at this hot little show .. they also have some major sponsors behind them .

Alzheimer's Is a serious disease that we all will face at some time or other,through friends or Family members. Bernadette Is an avid fund raiser for Alz disease "Research" . She has appeared on TV ..Radio promoting awareness ..and helping to raise much needed funds ..plus doing private benefits herself to raise monies to help Nashville based researchers at Vanderbilt . If you would like to help Bernadette in her quest to end Alzheimer's Disease ..please send donations to Alzheimer's Association ..C/O Paula Hathaway ..tell them ..you would like to help Bernadette In her personal quest ..to end Alzheimer's Disease.

Bernadette and her staff at Rachael Records in Nashville/Ireland ..still continue ..and will always continue to promote her music through the Internet ..word of mouth ..letters ..CDs ..stage ..etc.

If you would like to join Bernadette's growing family ..of Fans ..please go to her official website www.Bernadettesings.net ..and let us know. Or if you just want to hear what all the fuss is about ..come to a show, ..or log on to her site ..and judge for yourself.

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