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Alex Whitmore

Alex Whitmore

“Alex can make you happy if you’re not and remind you of the good times you forgot....pure Texas entertainment”....
Donna Powell, Texas Music Nation

Alex’s authorized autobiography:

OK, I admit it, I’m a late bloomer. The problem is that striving to be the world’s oldest teenager stunted my growth in other areas. It has taken years for my musical talent to develop into what it is today ……but what it is today is as good as many of those famous singer/songwriters you’ve heard of.

It wasn’t because I didn’t get started early enough. I started playing in a folk band in High School…even made the year book. Then the coffee houses and college shows began to make me think I could make a career as a singer and musician. I had half of it right. I was a pretty good musician. Friends and family convinced me that I might starve to death if I tried to make it on my singing skills. My other passion, flying took over and I fed myself and family well for 30 years with that. During that time I didn’t slow down with the music or the performing. I just sort of went underground. Things really got going when my two daughters Eleanor and Bonnie inherited the best music genes from me and my wife Marti, an extraordinary singer in the classical world. I highly recommend raising your own family band. In honing my daughters’ skills on stage, I polished mine also. My daughters have already surpassed me in name recognition around Texas playing with the likes of Slaid Cleaves and Susan Gibson, but I’m coming on strong, trying to keep up with them.

The final pieces came together about 5 years ago when all those quiet prods from my wife/vocal coach and the songwriting skills finally started kicking in. I’m working on Cd number 5 now. I’ve also recorded and produced one for my daughter Bonnie Picking up Pieces that has made the ballot for the 2005 Grammy Awards in eight categories. My humorous and serious songs about Texas are being played around the world on radio stations that are not bound to the Clear Channel. It is a good feeling to have others like your songs and buy your recordings. There are plenty more people out there and I just need a chance to perform for them. I think I’m qualified now and I’m definitely ready.

“…..while counting blessings we forget to count the ones that count”
“A Song for Harleigh,” by Alex Whitmore

Check out Alex' Web Site at www.alexwhitmore.com/

Purchase Alex's CDs at CDBaby

"Alex is a serious songwriter with a great sense of humor, and one of the best fingerpickers I know” Kevin Deal

“Alex and his high strung Papoose guitar are both unique. He’s one hell of a guitar player” Bruce Kidder KHYI Radio

Fact Sheet:

Some Clubs I’ve played as main act:
Tavern in the Gruene….Gruene Tx
Cypress Café Wimberly Tx
Hondo’s Fredricksberg Tx
Poor David’s Dallas Tx
MacHenrys Ft Worth Tx
White Elephant Ft Worth T
x Dan’s Bar Denton Tx
Starlight Terlingua Tx
La Kiva Terlingua Tx
Love and War in Tx Plano
Tx Blanco’s Houston Tx

Home Concerts: as Main Act
Angleton, Tulsa Ok, Leggette, Atlanta Ga, Texas Nights, Carrollton Tx, Gloria De
Nights, Mesquite, Tx

CD's Recorded:
Not At Home on the Range 1998
My View 2000
Tale By the World 2001
The Bar Farcist 2002
Eclectex (Feb 2005)

"Alex Whitmore has more real humor and imagination in his music than a bar full of those yeehah chorus singer-songwriters. His subjects range from chiggers to lonely nights in the rain, and his guitar playing is excellent." Tom Geddie....Buddy Magazine

Contact info:
Email: alphawhiskey@att.net
Web Site: www.2aw.com
Phone: +1-940-367-3547

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